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What Fadogia 10:1?

Fadogia 10:1 is a powerful, natural way to boost testosterone, libido and muscle growth in men and women. This potent botanical has been used for centuries in traditional African medicine to balance male hormones and stress. 

The concentrated 10:1 form of Fadogia Agrestis extract provides a rapid boost for the body and a reliable formula. It has been shown to improve male and female performance in the gym and the bedroom, likely due to improved testosterone levels.

Fadogia 10:1 can be an effective male tonic formula, safe for an everyday energy lift. Women can also include Fadogia in their supplement regime to balance oestrogen levels. The Transcend Fadogia 10:1 is made from the potent stem of the plant, for assured efficacy.

 Fadogia 10:1 is great for:

  • Natural testosterone boost
  • Sex drive
  • Energy and endurance
  • Power and strength in training 
  • Uplift mood & motivation

The Fadogia Agrestis plant is grown in parts of Nigeria and Africa and was used specifically to support male health. It is shown to increase the production of testosterone by upregulating hormonal messengers from the nervous system. 

Low testosterone in males is becoming increasingly common, and very problematic. This can look like weight gain, poor energy, lack of muscle tone and struggling to be in a good mood. 

Nutrition plays a vital role in the production of male hormones, and how men respond to stress in their day-to-day lives. Fadogia 10:1 has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that protect the immune and musculoskeletal systems from harm. The studies on Fadogia show improvements in pain and injury prevention for active people.

Fadogia 10:1 will turn things up a gear in all areas of your life. It can be helpful to stack Fadogia with other natural testosterone boosters like Tongkat Ali, for a comprehensive approach.

What can Fadogia 10:1 do for women?

Fadogia 10:1 can help to balance the negative effects of excess oestrogen in the body. This can assist with healthy weight management, lean muscle growth and the management of excess fluid retention.

It is highly recommended to cycle the intake of Fadogia 10:1, and take a 2-week break in between tubs. This can create greater sensitivity to the benefits, and prevent results from diminishing over time.

Fadogia 10:1 is a clear winner for natural testosterone improvement for men and women. Experience the power of Fadogia 10:1 for yourself, for a better libido, mood and body composition.

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