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High Calorie Weight Gainer

When it comes to reaching your body composition goals, there’s only so much you can do by yourself to get your gains to the next level. Without proper supplementation, the hard work you put into each session will not yield the results you hoped for. R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins 6:1 carb-to-protein ratio offers an effective way to help add the extra mass you need to reach your body goals.

Filled with high quality ingredients, each serving of R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins has 1,220 calories, over 250g of carbohydrates and 40g of protein. These proteins come from three different whey sources, including from the heavily researched supplement creatine.

It's not just what they put in, but what they don’t include that makes this product special. There are zero banned substances in R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins, assuring natty results you can be proud of. There are also no creamers, spiking or soy protein, providing a formulation designed specifically for offering the best way to pack on the mass.

How R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins could provide you with the ultimate gains for your body composition goals:
1,220 calories per serving
No banned substances included
Three different sources of what protein
6:1 carb-to-protein ratio
Free from creamers, spiking and soy protein
Help you reach those previously thought unreachable body goals
Specially formulated with high quality ingredients
Range of delicious flavours
How should I use R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins?
When using R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins, you should be combining your supplementation with a high calorie diet and high intensity training for boosting. You can do this with your current diet. Do not use R1 Mass Gainer by Rule 1 Proteins as a replacement for meals.