MuscleTech Alpha Test

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MuscleTech Alpha Test

Maximum-Strength Testosterone Support Formula

  • 120 rapid-release bio capsules per bottle
  • 50% daily value of zinc per serving
  • Maximum-strength formula in every dose
  • Powerful testosterone-boosting ingredient matrix

Why take AlphaTest?

AlphaTest supports testosterone production and helps maintain a peak testosterone-to-cortisol ratio. When performance matters, refuse to accept the status quo and gain an added edge with the power of AlphaTest!

Max-strength testosterone-boosting formula

Engineered for serious fitness enthusiasts and performance athletes focused on maximizing strength and results, AlphaTest supports testosterone production.

Boost free testosterone in 7 days

Contains full doses of scientifically validated key ingredients shown to boost testosterone levels and even combat estradiol.

Increase muscle performance

PrimaVie, a patented clinical-strength form of shilajit, has been shown to increase ATP levels in just 15 days and significantly increase total serum testosterone levels in 90 days.

Pure potency

Some competitors may use a lower standardization of fenugreek ? not AlphaTest. Our formula features fenugreek standardized to 50% saponins, giving you a potent, advanced compound.

Testosterone-boosting compounds

This formula delivers broccoli powder, a source of diindolylmethane (DIM), which is another compound sought after in the testosterone category.

Take training to the next levels

Serious about raising your game and wanting to deliver when it matters most? Then you need to incorporate a testosterone booster into your regimen.

All killer ? no filler

With a fully disclosed formula and researched doses of coveted key ingredients that you?re looking for, the robust AlphaTest formula delivers results with just two daily servings.