Kaged Muscle Hydra-Charge

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Kaged Hydra-Charge (60 Serve) 

A clean & refreshing replacement for sugary sports drinks.
Anyone looking for a delicious, naturally flavored Electrolyte + Antioxidant mixture to help flavor your daily beverages.

  • Delivers 5 Essential Electrolytes
  • Enhances Performance & Endurance*
  • Refreshing, Delicious & Thirst Quenching
  • Provides Powerful Antioxidant Support*
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Dyes

Taurine supports performance enhancement and helps the body utilize electrolytes. With Taurine, you?ll hydrate your body on a cellular level (cell volumization), aiding in athletic performance.

Spectra? is the first scientifically tested antioxidant formula of fruits and vegetables, and herbs shown to help combat free radical production, and even support increases in nitric oxide levels within our bodies while supporting a healthy immune response.*

Naturally flavored, with no artificial colors, and less than 1g of sugar, Hydra-Charge must taste terrible, right? Wrong. Check out the hundreds of 5-star reviews below if you need more convincing.