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Do you have trouble winding down when it’s time to chill out? Waking up feeling unrested? When you feel like you’re constantly playing catch up with sleep and can’t mentally shut off at night, it makes it harder for you to get the fun out of life that you deserve. Enter the PM + Sleep + Mind Relaxation by JS Health Vitamins - with an upgraded PM multivitamin formula. This multivitamin is designed to help you rejuvenate, so you look forward to your evening routine, each and every night.

The carefully selected ingredients in PM + Sleep + Mind Relaxation by JS Health Vitamins have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support the nervous system and cardiovascular system, as well as neuromuscular function. What does this mean for you? A calmer mind, muscle relaxation, maintaining a healthy heart and sleep support!

Key benefits of using PM + Sleep + Mind Relaxation by JSHealth:
  • Support general nervous system health and function. When the mind is functioning optimally, you feel more alert, able to concentrate and work smarter, not harder.
  • Support energy production. This helps your body to function the way it should, by tapping into your natural mental and physical vitality.
  • Support mental relaxation and relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, so you can let go of constant worry and get more enjoyment out of life.
  • Decrease sleeplessness, with specific ingredients that induce sleep and reduce the occurrence of disturbed sleep. With rewarding sleep, you will feel less need to rely on stimulants, and find that you will have the energy needed to carry you throughout your day.
  • Maintain neuromuscular function. This includes maintaining healthy muscles and supporting muscle recovery, so you can reach your fitness goals and help maintain your physical strength for the long term.
  • Maintain cardiovascular and bone health. The combination of ingredients help keep your heart healthy and bones strong, so you can stay fit for yourself and those you love.

This product is designed to help you achieve a deeper rest, so you can get more out of life. Begin to incorporate it in your nighttime schedule now to assist the transition to relaxation and sleep, so you can truly ‘switch off’. Alternatively, you can use it post-workout to assist muscle recovery, so you get more out of each training session.

Key Ingredients per film-coated tablet:
  • 250mg extract (derived from 7.5g seed) Ziziphus jujuba (Ziziphus) extract
  • 81mg Lavender Oil
  • 151mg total Magnesium:
  • 81mg Magnesium Citrate
  • 50mg Magnesium Glycinate Dihydrate
  • 20mg Magnesium Chelate