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Magnesium+ Double Strength by JSHealth Vitamins contains three forms of magnesium which are highly absorbable. This product has been carefully designed with magnesium glycinate, citrate and amino acid chelate, providing you with total magnesium of 200mg per tablet.

This formula's three forms of magnesium will give you a double-strength uptake for better absorption and utilisation. Having enough magnesium in your system will support energy levels, muscle relaxation and function and help to reduce those unwanted muscle cramps.

This formula has been carefully put together to deliver a highly bioavailable magnesium per serving for better absorption. JSHealth truly believes that you need to nurture and nourish your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins, herbs and minerals so you can reach your full potential.

What are the benefits of Magnesium+ Double Strength by JSHealth Vitamins?
  • Double strength formula for maximal absorption and utilisation
  • Maintain and support energy production
  • Support and maintain muscle relaxation and function
  • Support and maintain nervous system health and function
  • Maintain and support healthy muscle contraction function
  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps when dietary intake is inadequate
  • Support heart and bone health
  • Support general health and wellbeing
  • Assist healthy bone development, growth and building
  • Assist teeth development
  • Helps convert carbohydrates into energy
  • Assist glucose, sugar and carbohydrate metabolism

Give your body the nutrients it needs for better optimal health today. Magnesium+ Double Strength contains ingredients at a therapeutic dose for maximum results and benefits. We have sourced each ingredient in this formula with great care to deliver you a high-quality product.

What's in each serve of Magnesium+ Double Strength by JSHealth Vitamins?
  • 359.2mg of Magnesium glycinate equiv. to 50m of Magnesium
  • 626.57mg of Magnesium citrate equiv. to 100mg of Magnesium
  • 250mg of Magnesium amino acid chelate equiv. to 50mg of Magnesium
  • (Total Magnesium 200 mg)