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EHP Labs OxyWhey is an innovative, science-based, non-GMO protein blend for lean muscle development and weight management. It assists with recovery, increases performance and enhances endurance with an added vitality boost!

The unique blend comes in an all-natural range of flavours, making it irresistibly easy to hit your protein goal. Proteins are polymers of amino acids linked via peptide bonds and play a vital role in the function and regulation of the body?s tissues and organs, including muscle protein synthesis.

OxyWhey contains 25g of protein, 2g of fat and 4g of carbs per scoop, making it the ideal supplement for meeting protein requirements. It comes in a delicious range of flavours and has been formulated to conquer everyone?s fears of gas, bloating and stomach discomfort.

OxyWhey?s full spectrum health and wellness formula also provides alkalising vitamins and minerals for increased energy and vitality. It is not your standard protein and will make you feel good, from the inside out!