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The True Original since 1983, the Animal Pak was developed to cover the wide backs of the hardest and heaviest trainers on the planet Earth. The ?Ultimate Training Pack? is far more than a mere multivitamin, but is the trusted, sturdy foundation upon which the most dedicated bodybuilders and powerlifters have built their nutritional regimens, since the supplement industry was in its mere infancy.

If you`re training or dieting hard for a contest, the first thing that happens when you don`t take the Animal Pak is that nutritional gaps begin to form. Why should you care? Because over time, these deficiencies continue to grow. Eventually, your body will stop functioning at its optimum level. In other words, you hit the wall, your development reaches a plateau.

Research has proven that strength athletes such as bodybuilders and powerlifters, due to the intensity and frequency of their training programs, have higher nutritional requirements than regular athletes. Studies have shown that these unique needs are greatly increased for bodybuilders who regularly compete and need to diet down. During calorie-restricted diets, the potential for nutritional deficiencies increase dramatically.

More alarming is the fact that championship-caliber bodybuilders, even when supplementing with a regular multivitamin, were still experiencing significant nutritional deficiencies. A basic multivitamin supplement won`t be enough. Competitive bodybuilders know that a superior multivitamin like Animal Pak is the first line of defense. These nutritional gaps not only affect your performance and size, but they begin to impact the way your other supplements work.

Animal Pak is the unique and trusted supplement that has been helping bodybuilders and powerlifters reach their goals since 1983. With its comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, Animal Pak is the perfect foundation for any serious athlete's supplement regimen.