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Why is my skin tingling!? So often, supplement users ask themselves this question in following use of a pre-workout product. Well the answer is simply, Beta-Alanine. However, this supplement is far more than just a skin tingler?

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid, and when it is coupled with a very small amount of a naturally-occurring amino acid called histidine, it produces a substance called carnosine. Carnosine?s job in your body is to reduce lactic acid build-up during exercise, meaning you can exercise for longer i.e. improve your endurance.

Precision Nutrition don?t just dash an unspecific amount of Beta-Alanine in our pre-workout to give you a random tingle (although we do have half a clinical dose in our Precision PRE!). We go off science. Science tells us, this isn?t just a pre-workout supplement. Precision Nutrition separate Beta-Alanine into a pure, pharmaceutical grade product, and recommend taking it day-in, day-out, whether you train or not, as supported by research. Taking Precision Nutrition Beta-Alanine in this fashion will truly give you the desired results of:

  • Reduced lactic acid built up & muscle fatigue
  • Improved Athletic performance
  • Prevention of muscle failure & muscle acidosis
  • Improved rate of recovery
  • Increased training volume
  • Enhanced cardiovascular efficiency

Our precise tip: Mix 3.2g (approximately half a teaspoon) or more, of Precision Nutrition Beta Alanine in your first drink of the day. This way, whether you train later in the day or decide that your body needs a rest, you?ve still kept the surplus Beta-Alanine in your system for the ongoing benefits