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Transcend Supplements Hydro WPI (Formerly known as Hydro WPI 90) is a 100% Australian made Product. With its exclusive 27g hydrolysed WPI / WPI Blend, it delivers superior best bio availability, mixabilty and ease of digestion. This is a super lean protein containing only 0.15g sugar, 0.15g fat and 0.15g carbs total which are almost negligible. It is ideal for those wanting to lose fat maintain a lean muscular physique or build good quality lean muscle mass.

What is Hydrolysed WPI?

A hydrolysate is a protein that has been broken down into its constituent amino acids. As a result, a hydrolysed whey protein like that used in Hydro WPI, is more easily digested and presents less potential for allergic reactions than non-hydrolysed whey protein, because hydrolysis breaks down the protein chains down into smaller segments called peptides. The quality of protein, however, remains very high. Tanscend Hydro WPI is produced by treating purified whey protein with enzymes that split peptide bonds off the whey protein structure. The process is carried out in a non-acidic environment, giving an extremely high quality hydrolysed protein, with a cleaner taste and optimum absorption. The resulting WPI contains highly bioactive peptide fractions that help stimulate anabolic activity and muscle recovery. The peptide fractions are absorbed faster and reach muscle cell sites quicker than free-form amino acids and all other protein sources including standard whey protein isolate. This is good news for trainers who want a fast acting protein for maximum muscle recovery and growth.

Who is currently using Hydro WPI?

Many top level Australian athletes in sports including AFL, NRL, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball are now turning to Hydro WPI 90 as their protein of choice. There is no doubt that this protein can be trusted for its quality and results.