Vital Strength Lean Whey High Protein Powder

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Vital Strength Whey High Protein is packed with premium low carb protein + 100% natural flavours. Suitable for growth, strength, repair and daily.

#1 Source Whey is your ultimate high protein recovery supplement. High in BCAAs & formulated for fast absorption #1 Source Whey is perfect post-workout to support recovery & muscle growth. Low in Carbs & Fat, with zero Artificial Sweeteners- an all-round protein supplement suitable for anyone's needs.

? 26g protein per serve
? 6.5 grams BCAAS
? 3.0 grams ultra low carbs
? 1.2 grams ultra low fat
? Natural Sweetened by stevia
? Naturally flavored
? Easy digestion rapid delivery of nutrients
? 21 added vitamins and minerals
? Aids anabolic production for lean growth.