Vital Strength Hydroxy Ripped Protein Powder

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ltimate Lean Protein containing fast acting & quick release whey isolates and concentrates. Perfect for lean muscle growth and enhanced recovery. With clinically proven fat burning ingredients.

Hydroxy Ripped Thermogenic protein is the ultimate diet supplement for anyone looking to achieve a lean physique. Containing a complete amino acid profile essential for muscle tissue growth & repair alongside clinically proven ingredients designed to accelerate calorie burn.

Highly purified whey isolate & concentrate provide satiety & muscle support while targeting fat stores. Our powerful T4 Thermogenic complex boosts metabolism and fat burning.

• 32 grams of protein per serve
• Pro-Burn particles help burn fat
• 7.4 grams BCAAS per serve
• Ultra-low 2.9 grams carbs per serve
• Minimal 1.3 grams fat per serve
• Zero stimulants or added soy protein
• Aids in appetite suppression and -increased satiety
• AFRICAN MANGO EXTRACT shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce body fat percentage.
• L-CARNITINE assists the metabolism of fat by transforming fatty acids into energy.
• CHROMIUM PICOLINATE assists with fat and energy metabolism in the body.
• CHOLINE a liptropic agent that further assists with the metabolism of fat stores.