Tribeca Health X50 Instant Super Green Smoothie

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X50 Green Smoothie is the perfect way to get the vital greens needed in your diet to help get healthy! By adding a single serve into your smoothie you are giving your body the boost of greens that it needs. 
There is nothing artificial and no added sugar, it is also gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly! This is a supreme formula infused with a superfood blend for optimum nutrition, along with added green tea and organic goji berry for antioxidant health. 
Vegetables and fruits that are high in nutrients are full of antioxidants which may protect cells against free radical damage which is commonly caused by everyday stresses of living like pollution, radiation, pesticides and junk food. Research shows that having balanced acid-alkaline levels can boost vitality & well being. Natural foods provide this support and cleansing however for those that are lacking this in their diet, X50 Instant Smoothie provides the vital greens needed for optimal energy & vitality. 
Each pack contains: 
20 Vital greens, fruit & vegetables
No artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
Low in fat, sugar & carbohydrates
Gluten free
No dairy
Organic ingredients
No preservatives