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N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a specially modified form of the essential amino acid cysteine, and is consumed due to its ability to help the body make glutathione, an important anti oxidant enzyme.

NAC is commonly taken to help support liver function, immune function, cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Other benefits of NAC include...

  • Recovery - Unlike many vitamins and minerals, NAC is not your typical run-of-the mill antioxidant. NAC provides its antioxidant benefits directly within muscle cells, where those who train with weights need it most. Not only does it work directly to scavenge muscle-damaging free radicals, but it also boost levels of one of the body?s most critical antioxidants: glutathione.
  • Fighting Fatigue - Research has shown that NAC prevents free-radical build-up, increasing the activity of the sodium/potassium pumps during exercise, which allows muscle strength and endurance to be maintained to delay fatigue.
  • NO Booster -  Studies have found that NAC actually works to increase activity of the NOS enzyme and boost NO levels in the body. This leads to increased blood flow to muscles, which enhances energy levels during workouts, aids muscle strength and growth, and even helps with fat loss.

?Directions: Consume 1 serve (1 Capsule) daily with a meal.

?Ingredients: ?100% NAC N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. Packaged in Australia from imported ingredients.