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We all know that koalas are herbivores. There are some koala freaks out there are also herbivores. So we put together a vegan protein to make sure that all you Staunch lifters out there have an option to a good quality great tasting protein. WIth 24g of protein and 3g of carbs and 2g of fat, this is a good lean protein for those leaf eaters out there. WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR CROSS FITTERS. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING CROSS FIT OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS PLEASE SEEK HELP

Staunch Vegan Protein is certified Organic and 100% vegan. WE use a mixture of rice and pea protein along with natural organic flavors and organic stevia for sweetness. Available in chocolate and vanilla, our vegan protein tastes amazing and contains a macro profile to die for.



When we think of rice we think carbs. The old adage that chicken and rice are the staples of any bodybuilding lifestyle. The fact of the matter is that rice contains a large amount of gluten-free vegan protein. Rice protein is typically made by treating brown rice with select enzymes that cause the carbohydrates and protein to separate. The protein can be isolated, resulting in a high quality, plant-based protein powder.


Pea protein is made by extracting the soluble pea protein from yellow split peas. It is highly bioavailable and easy to digest, meaning it?s easy for your body to make the most of the protein and nutrients available. The problem is that it doesn't taste very good but we here at Staunch have used natural flavors and sweeteners to mask that awful pea protein flavor and allow you to get all the benefits of pea protein while drinking a delicious shake.