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Repp Sports has crafted the game-changer in energy and hydration drinks. Raze Energy RTD Drinks has everything you need, from branched-chain amino acids and caffeine to carnitine and taurine, you will get a punch of energy, focus and performance when you have this drink.

Raze Energy has a great taste, and it’s zero sugar, calories and carbohydrates! Take your training to new heights with a formula that provides you with everything you need for the ultimate performance.

Perform to your best each and every time with Raze Energy. This product has 300mg of caffeine per serve to help you sustain energy for an extended period. The combination of ingredients will also help to give you the focus needed to stay in the zone when needed.

When you have Raze Energy RTD Drinks by Repp Sports, you will:
  • Support energy requirements. When you take Raze Energy before your workout, you will ramp up your energy levels so you can power through your session.

  • Support hydration after a hard session at the gym where you sweat a lot.

  • Support recovery. After a gruelling session, you might find yourself exhausted physically and mentally so replenish the body with the right nutrients to help the body recover.

  • Support focus with the added nootropic blend in the formula.