Rappd Heavy Duty Elbow Wraps 1.7m

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Heavy Duty Elbow Wraps

  • 1.7m in length
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • 2 Phase Velcro System
  • Ultimate compression
  • Assist heavy lifts
  • Prevent injuries
  • Maxamise your workout


Most suited, but not limited to chest and shoulder workouts. By far the best elbow support for gym training.


Rappd have a wide range of gym gear to suit any fitness application ie. CrossFit, Functional training, Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Olympic lifting, Strong man, Powerlifting, Strong woman or Home fitness.


are designed to support your
elbows during Heavy Lifts. The wraps have a sleeve for easy
application and our 3 Phase Velcro system will ensure the wraps will
stay secure.