Pro Supps Mr Hyde Power Shot

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  • 350mg of caffeine for energy and focus
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine for enhanced cognition and focus
  • Convenient, high power energy shot
  • 0 Carbs. 0 Calories. 0 Sugars.


Boom! ProSupps Hyde Energy Shot is a quick, portable, and high-powered energy shot for those looking for an intense, concentrated boost of energy and focus. It packs 350mg of caffeine per bottle and is a must for the business person running from meeting to meeting, the college student studying late at night, or the athlete in the middle of a workout. One shot and boom! You’re up and crushing it.



  • Begin with one-half shot (18.5ml) of Hyde power shot to assess tolerance
  • Never exceed more than one half shot (1 serve) per 12 hours or one full shot (2 serves) daily 
  • One half shot is equal to one full serving
  • Do not consume with other caffeinated products
  • Use or discard contents within 48 hours of opening