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Precision Nutrition Whey Blend

Precision Nutrition?s Research & Development Team have been creating, manufacturing and selling whey protein products for over a decade. Monitoring market trends for a period of more than ten years, our Team of experts know there?s one rule that never changes when it comes to a whey protein blend; ?consumers want quality?. Our precisely-engineered Whey Protein Blend substitutes nothing over quality, to seek in assisting with:

  • Triggering muscle protein synthesis

  • Building new muscle

  • Reducing recovery time

  • Curbing your sweet tooth

The fact is this; we sent this product back to the drawing board so many times over a two year period, until our whole Team of stubborn precision engineers were happy with: taste, mix-ability, protein content and purity? We thought this Protein Blend might never see the light of day! Take a scoop Precision Nutrition?s Whey Protein Blend recision Nutrition Whey Blend boasts:

  • 24g of protein from only Whey Protein Isolates & Concentrates

  • Over 5.6g naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAA)

  • No artificial colours or dyes

  • A gluten free formula

  • An unrivalled, smooth and delicious taste!

Our precise tip: Add 1-2 scoops of Precision Nutrition Whey Blend to a serving bowl with 1-2 teaspoons of your favourite organic almond butter, cashew spread or peanut butter. Trickle water and stir together to desired texture, add 100g of fresh berries and freeze for 5-6 minutes. Remove for a deliciously, high-protein dessert