Precision Nutrition L-Glutamine

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Precision Nutrition L-Glutamine

Precision Nutrition?s 100% L-Glutamine is an isolated amino acid, which has a variety of important functions within your body. Glutamine is found in most protein-containing foods and is actually a non-essential amino acid (meaning your body does produce it through its own metabolic processes) but has been fiercely researched to highlight its importance at higher dosages than what one?s body produces ? particularly for those like ourselves whom partake in regular physical activity.

Let?s give some context to the ?L? behind L-Glutamine too. This describes its molecular structure, with the opposing variety being (lesser) known as ?D-Glutamine?. D-Glutamine has no known use in humans, so of course, we supplement with L-Glutamine (commonly just called ?Glutamine?) to take advantage of its benefits. Precision Nutrition are again going to get ?precise? in explaining the true benefits of its L-Glutamine, and how this can impact your ability as an athlete:

  • A fuel source for many immune cells

    • Particularly keeping white blood cells flourishing
    • Immune health is of the utmost importance to your ever-changing environments as an athlete
    • Decreasing risk of infection
  • Maintenance of gut health

    • Increases proliferation (growth) of intestinal cells
    • Facilitates barrier between intestines and the rest of the body
  • Reduced muscle fatigue

    • Reducing production of blood ammonia with endurance exercise
  • Reduced muscle soreness

    • Consistent reports of decreased muscle soreness ratings after resistance exercise

Precision Nutrition?s simple, unflavoured L-Glutamine is 100% pure and comes with an efficacious dosing suggestion of 3-10g per day. We do not suggest over-use of L-Glutamine, unless it?s for use in treating burns or at a medical level. You will get plenty of glutamine through a high-protein diet, but for those individuals training hard, for long periods and/or in a host of environments, we strongly suggest gaining the benefits of supplementing with Precision Nutrition L-Glutamine.

Our precise tip: Taking Precision Nutrition L-Glutamine last thing at night, before bed ?may? have a positive impact on your body?s growth hormone production ? resulting in potential increases in lean muscle tissue and enhanced fat metabolism. It also ?may not?, as research has been inconsistent, but if you?re already taking it for other benefits, why not give it a try!