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Citrulline is actually an amino acid which was first identified in watermelons! However, humans also produce citrulline naturally, but in very bleak amounts. You can increase the amount of citrulline in your body by supplementing with it, and specifically the highly bioavailable (able to be absorbed) variety, citrulline malate. Precision Nutrition have engineered a 100% pure citrulline malate product, which is unflavoured and untarnished by any other ingredients, and here is why?

Precision Nutrition Citrulline Malate has a number of positive impacts on health, as well as of course, exercise! It?s been known for quite some time that nitric oxide is the most important aspect of control in gaining a ?pump? ? in other words, dilating blood vessels to allow for more blood to flow in and out. To boost nitric oxide, old-fashioned research thought would have suggested ingestible, supplementary arginine.

However, we know now that arginine is very poorly absorbed when supplemented orally? Citrulline is the solution. Precision Nutrition have ensure they have engineered a Citrulline Malate, which is the best-absorbed (by humans) variety of nitric oxide precursors, when taken orally. Once the citrulline undertakes some bodily processing, nitric oxide skyrockets and vasodilation soars! This results in:

  • Enhanced blood flow to and from working muscles
  • Increased oxygen saturation in muscle tissue
  • Increased training volume capacity in resistance training
  • Reduced blood pressure acutely and sub-acutely
  • Enhanced production of growth hormone after exercise
  • Strength improvements

Our precise tip: Mix up to 6g of unflavoured Precision Nutrition Citrulline Malate and half a serve of Precision Nutrition Dextrose (25), along with your Precision Nutrition PRE concoction, and feel those pumps getting to work, almost immediately.