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Precision Nutrition Blackout

Sleep. Science still hasn?t determined exactly why we need it, but one thing?s for certain; we all know we perform and feel much better when we get it! The Team at Precision Nutrition haven?t forgotten about this incredibly important 1/3 of your day and set out to design a sleep formula which, when taken, would instigate the following sequence:

  • relaxation
  • deepen
  • brighten

That is, the formula needed to ease subjects into an initial feeling of relaxation immediately prior to sleep, deepen that sleep to keep one in the most efficient means of unconsciousness (we?ll explain shortly!), then see that subjects arise brightly, with plenty of happy hormones circulating.

The quality deep state of sleep we mentioned is where Blackout really goes to work. Amidst many other benefits, a longer, deeper, quality sleep results in:

  • increased glucose metabolism
  • likelihood of more growth hormone release
  • increased blood supply to skeletal muscle
  • promotion of growth and lean tissue repair

This healthy, positive cascade of events gives every reason to want to ensure Precision Nutrition Blackout is getting you into the deepest state of sleep possible, all the while ensuring you wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Our precise tip: Take 1 scoop only, last thing before brushing your teeth, then hit the hay! To work harmoniously with your Precision Nutrition Blackout, keep your devices emitting blue light in another room, to ensure your body is getting the most peaceful possible environment.