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There are two secrets to a great protein product. The first secret is undoubtedly flavor. Phenomenal Whey is not just phenomenal in name and formula but also in taste. We believe that if you are going to be drinking two or more protein shakes a day you better be enjoying every last drop. Phenomenal Whey tastes so great that even if it weren't packed with protein, you’d still want to drink it down. 
The second secret to any good protein blend is the combination of fast absorbing and slower absorbing protein sources. When you have both you gain a steady stream of amino acids absorption into muscles that lasts for hours after ingestion. The high-quality blend found in Phenomenal Whey™ is engineered to deliver whole protein sources that excel in this respect. 

Our high in protein and low in carbohydrate product is designed for anybody looking to increase lean muscle gains and recovery. It’s also perfect for those who want to drop excess fat. Every scoop of Phenomenal Whey contains a massive 26g blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. It also contains Digezyme™ for comfortable and fast digestion that avoids stomach issues that other proteins can cause. 
Our Impossible to Hide formula reveals the complete amino acid breakdown. As you can see, the entire 26g of protein per serve is complete, with a guarantee that there is zero amino spiking. 
As with all of our products, Phenomenal Whey contains no artificial colors.

For every 1 scoop of Phenomenal Whey™ mix with 6-12oz of water or beverage of your choice depending on your taste and thickness preference. Consume 1-2 Scoops 30 minutes before exercise and also within 30 minutes of completing exercise. To maximise lean muscle mass gains consider also taking 1-2 scoops upon waking. You can also consume anytime between meals during the day to assist with hitting desired daily protein goals or consume to assist with curbing appetite.