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waken is a high-stimulant & focus pre-workout designed specifically for those that need a huge surge of energy and power to demolish any workout. This unique product is packed full of stimulants and focus agents that will snap your mind and body to attention. Within minutes of taking Awaken, you will be mentally and physically dialed in like never before. Be warned; once the beast is awake, we can’t be held responsible for what comes next…



Recommended adult dose is one serving mixed in 8-12oz of water 30 minutes prior to exercise. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep. Use only as directed. May aid or assist with weight loss or lean muscle gain when used in conjunction with an appropriate eating and exercise plan.

WARNING: Awaken™ will produce intense focus and energy and may increase blood pressure and heart rate and therefore: You should not use Awaken™ if you suffer from and/or are being treated for blood pressure issues, thyroid issues, stroke, any heart related conditions, any disorder related to the liver or kidneys, any psychiatric illness or disorder and/or any other mental condition at all without your health practitioners permission. Awaken™ should not be taken alongside any medication at all without the prescribing doctors permission. You should always consult with your health practitioner before taking any supplements. Ingredients in this product may be banned by certain sporting codes or workplaces and may cause false positives.

DISCLAIMER: Using pre-workout supplements are not recommended in pregnancy or when breast-feeding. consumers who are pregnant or who may have become pregnant should consult with a doctor before taking
or using this product.

WARNING KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Contains Caffeine*. Recommended maximum daily dose contains 250mg of caffeine. Please consult your doctor before taking Awaken or any Nutritional Supplement. Awaken should not be mixed with any medication.