MusclePharm Wreckage

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MusclePharm Wreckage is an elite pre-workout formula designed for athletes who are looking to take their performance beyond their natural capacity and into a world of advanced human potential.

  • Neuro Excitation
  • Advanced Vascularity
  • Anaerobic Enhancement

With chief scientists and developers working one on one with high end, elite and professional athletes, MusclePharm knows what athletes need!

Utilising only highly efficacious and clinically studied, cutting edge ingredients, MusclePharm Wreckage provides complete physiological and psychological human enhancement.

Core Ingredients

Intense Pump & Nutrient Absorption

Combining L-Citrulline with patented Green Tea extract technology in Vaso6, alongside astrigin, the Pump and Nutrient matrix is designed to maximise peripheral vasodilation, leading to intensified muscular pumps and enhanced nutrient delivery.

Energy & Endurance

At 300mg of caffeine per scoop and 2g of Beta Alanine, the Energy and Endurance blend works on two primary performance enhancing principles in ensuring CNS stimulation is optimised as well as physical performance and fatigue are minimised.

Beta Alanine works by removing toxic by-products of exercise, essentially increasing anerobic endurance while caffeine increases performance and simultaneously reduces perceived fatigue.

Neuro Focus

With 4 key ingredients in Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, Theanine and NeuroFactor, the Neuro focus blend stimulates the release of key mood and cognitive enhancing neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Acetyl Choline, while simultaneously providing a sense of calmness as well.

This leaves you feeling intensely focused and cognitively primed but without the jitters and common anxiogenic behaviours.

Final Thoughts

Wreckage is 100% banned substance FREE and is designed to increase both mental and physical performance but without risking your health!