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Assault is produced by the groundbreaking team at MusclePharm and is one of the most researched pre-workouts and has been developed at their state of the art "Sports Science Center". This unique supplement is different from similar supplements available on the market because it does not leave you feeling busted after taking it. Instead, you will feel supercharged to get through your workout without experiencing the crash associated with taking caffeinated supplements.

This supplement has been designed to target strength, endurance, muscle mass and overall power. After taking Muscle Pharm Assault, you will likely experience longer-lasting pumps after your workout. The ingredients within this supplement have been chosen with care to maximise performance and results using a unique five-stage delivery system. It is the perfect pre-workout supplement to enhance athletic training ability.

When you take Assault Sport by Muscle Pharm, you'll experience:

  • Anti-fatigue/lactic-acid buffer
  • A complete pre-workout
  • ?ION-3? patented nitrate technology
  • Explosive energy without the crash
  • Strength and endurance

Assault is a great supplement that encompasses unique matrix complexes that is specific only to this product. The combination of ingredients and careful formulation enhances the product's efficiency once inside the body to give an explosive workout. The energy burst from this pre-workout supplement will last from the beginning of the workout, right until the end. Take Assault Sport before your workout and experience long-lasting energy right up until you leave the gym.