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F?N PUMP?D by Merica Labz

What is F'N PUMP'D?

Yee-hah we are getting F?N PUMP?D for this non-stim pre training supplement! When you want some savage training energy, without the crazy high stims, it's time to get onto F?N PUMP?D.

You may feel like the gains train has left the station, but with F?N PUMP?D you can get back on track in no time. Boasting 8000 mg of L-Citrulline malate in every serving, and clinical doses of Beta alanine and Arginine nitrate, the effects will be rapid.

To prime the muscles for a next level workout, they need adequate fuel and hydration. HydroPrime? Glycerol powder is a patented, highly concentrated form of glycerol for improved athletic performance.

The motivation to get up and grab the day by the horns comes from dopamine and adrenaline. F?N PUMP?D has added L-Tyrosine, for a significant increase in motivation and drive while working out. Quit snoozing that alarm and get F?N PUMP?D for the day!

What makes the ingredients in F?N PUMP?D so F?N awesome? 

 L-Citrulline malate

L-Citrulline is an amino acid originally extracted from the humble watermelon. The inclusion of this in F?N PUMP?D assists with vasodilation and the delivery of Nitric Oxide (NO) to working muscles. An increase in nutrients to the musculoskeletal system gives unparalleled muscle pumps and endurance. 

Beta alanine & Arginine nitrate (NO3T?)

Beta alanine lets us know it's working by giving the tingly feeling! A powerful addition to the F?N PUMP?D pre workout, Beta alanine promises an increase in performance, physical strength and endurance. 

NO3T? is a patented form of Arginine nitrate, helping to shuttle Nitric Oxide (NO) and oxygen into the muscles. Arginine assists with muscle repair and a reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMs).

HydroPrime? Glycerol powder

A pure, concentrated form of Glycerol for rapid replenishment of your muscles. HydroPrime? increases hydration for a killer muscle pump, while also extending endurance above and beyond.


The amino acid of motivation! No pre training formula would be complete without L-Tyrosine, a clear winner for increasing drive and motivation to train. 

We may have a full swear jar, but the athletic gains have been well worth it. Experience the savage pumps and brain power that comes with the non-stim F?N PUMP?D, and revolutionise your training.

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