Maxine's Crea Burn

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Maxine's CREA BURN

Creatine is the most effective and widely researched supplement available for improving body composition and performance. Why?? Because it works amazingly well! Every athlete, weekend warrior, and gym goer should be using it. What does Creatine do? Put simply, Creatine increases your ability to train or compete harder because it increases your muscles capacity to produce energy. Creatine also increases the rate at which you can build lean muscle tissue ? so if you want a lean, toned and strong body ? Creatine is a MUST! Maxine?s CREA BURN is a high potency Creatine matrix designed to increase power and performance during workouts and aid in building a lean & toned body. We?ve also added LipoPhase? - our Natural Fat Burning blend to help you burn fat faster! CREA BURN is available in two delicious flavours, Cola Crush and Grape Splash and is the perfect addition to your nutrition plan when having a lean, toned and strong body is your goal!

  More Power
  Tone & Shape
  Natural Energy
  Lipophase? Fat Burners