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Sweat Compound - A Workout Enhancer By MAN Sports

Are you ready to take a weight management supplement that makes you sweat like crazy to enhance your workout? You can do it with simply one pill and it will enhance your workout while burning fat and having extreme water loss for that stubborn water weight! Make it easier for your body to get rid of all the imperfections with only 2 ingredients! Introducing Sweat Compound by MAN Sports!

What Does Sweat Compound Do?

There are 3 main functions that this supplement does for your fit lifestyle. Weight Loss and Enhanced Performance, Promotes L-Carnitine Production, and Increases sweat to release water weight. And you can stack this with all of your favorite supplements to maximize your performance in the gym because it is stimulate free! This special blend also contains rapid adsorption so you can start feeling the effects quickly and you can get to work.

Benefits For Taking Sweat Compound

  • Cardio Enhancer
  • Fat Burning
  • Stimulate Free
  • Extreme Water Loss
  • Rapid Absorption

How To Take MAN's Sweat Compound

We recommend to take 1 Capsule which is one serving 30-60 minutes prior to your workout or cardio session.