Henry Blooms MigraEase

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Henry Blooms MigraEase

Henry Blooms MigraEase contains a well-balanced dosage of traditional herbs to help relieve the symptoms brought on by mild migraines. Willow Bark contains a chemical that acts similar to aspiring and may assist with pain and fever-reducing effects within the body, Ginger has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties while also reducing nausea. FeverFew also contains chemicals called Parthenolides which may help decrease migraine headaches. These three herbs act syngeristically together to help you feel relief sooner.

Henry Blooms MigraEase contains traditional herbs used in Western Medicine to assist with:

  • Relieve digestive discomfort.
  • Decrease / reduce / relieve headache symptoms.
  • Relieve inflammation.

Don’t let the symptoms of migraines keep you from continuing your day to day, Henry Blooms MigraEase is here to help bring you the relief you need to get back to your A-Game. Using a solid combination of traditionally used herbs MigraEase can help you feel better sooner by minimising nasty symptoms associated with migraines.