Henry Blooms His Multi

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Henry Blooms His Multi 

Men! It’s time to take action over your health with the support from Henry Blooms!

Formulated to support you through your everyday obstacles Henry Blooms His Multi is jam-packed with Vitamins, Minerals and more to help you keep yourself going and keep yourself fuelled to be successful! This highly dosed Multi-vitamins also features Cranberry extract to help maintain healthy anti-oxidant levels in your body alongside providing a supercharged dosage of vitamins, Cranberry has long been shown to help assist with maintaining a healthy urinary tract by minimising infection risk. This alongside key vitamins such as vitamins C & E and zinc, supports collagen formation, connective tissue health and wound healing. And minerals such as Iodine and selenium, can support a healthy thyroid function and assist thyroid hormone production.

Henry Bloom His Multi has been designed to:

  • Supports men’s well-being.
  • High-potency comprehensive formula.
  • Help maintain energy levels and support testosterone production.

This once-daily Multivitamin has been specifically formulated for men to help support their overall well-being regardless of what stage of life they’re in. Features Cranberry to support a healthy urinary tract and boost overall anti-oxidant levels and key vitamins and minerals to help bolster your immune system and minimise downtime as well as supporting healthy test levels and increasing energy production this is one multivitamin you need to consider!