Ghost Hydration

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Ghost Hydration

Formulated for sport, but made for life??GHOST? HYDRATION can truly be used anytime to elevate your water or replace sugary sports drinks (zero sugar here fam!) Grab a bottle of water (or fill up your favorite GHOST? shaker), toss in a scoop of GHOST? HYDRATION and enjoy some seriously kickass tasting, electrolyte enhanced H2O while you hit the gym, the field, the ice or even the office on Monday?perhaps after Sunday brunch went a little longer than expected (we?ve been there).

Stay Hydrated Legends.

GHOST? HYDRATION was formulated to take your water to new heights??PACKED with a mighty dose of Taurine, an awesome base of Electrolytes, Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium Citrate, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Aquamin? for added hydration and a couple of our favs, PureWay-C? (the GOAT Vitamin C) and Senactiv?.

  • GHOST? Full Disclosure Label
  • Electrolytes (150MG Sodium, 375MG Potassium, 117MG Chloride, 83MG Magnesium, 60MG Calcium)
  • 135MG Vitamin C as PureWay-C?
  • 1500MG Taurine
  • 500MG Aquamin?
  • 50MG Senactiv?

To get the best results from Ghost Hydration, we recommend consuming it before, during or after your workouts and throughout the day. Simply mix 1 ? 2 scoops in a shaker with enough water to achieve your desired level of flavour & sweetness and enjoy!