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GEN-TEC NUTRITION source and blend this precise blend of ultra and micro filtered WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (WPI) and HYDROLISED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (HWPI). WPI is manufactured using Cross Flow micro filtration which comprises a filter size 4 times smaller than WPC. This extra filtration results in the highest quality  WHEY PROTEIN which is virtually free of undenatured protein, lactose, carbohydrates and fat. The digestion rate of WPI is very fast resulting in a rapid increase of amino acids into the blood stream after consumption. HWPI is the result of WPI being processed even further again using an enzyme hydrolysis process. This ?chemical free? process breaks down the longer amino acid chains to very short di and tri peptides. These short chain peptides immediately absorb into the blood stream intact with no digestion required. HWPI is the fastest digesting protein food on the planet. The resulting spike in blood amino acid levels signals muscle protein synthesis more effectively than any other protein powder available. Bovine Colostrum (containing 20% IGg) has been added to this product to support gut health and immunity.

SUGGESTED USE: Gen-Tec Nutrition?s Hydro Pro WPI is best used upon rising and immediately after training to create a positive anabolic environment. Mix 40g (1 rounded scoop) in 250mL of water in a hand shaker or blender upon rising or immediately after training. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

INGREDIENTS: Proprietary protein blend (whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey protein isolate), cocoa, natural flavours, colostrum, emulsifier (soy lecithin), thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), sweetener (sucralose).

Contains milk, soybean, egg and their products. May contain traces of tree nuts, sesame seeds and their products.

DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for children under the age of 15 or pregnant women, should only be used under medical or dietary supervision. This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a sensible exercise and nutrition program.

By Dane Ivicevic:
Gen-Tec Resident Biochemist

Almost every athlete who is taking supplements is taking a form of whey protein in conjunction with their regular supplement regime. The issue that many consumers
face is whether or not their whey protein is the cleanest and purest form of whey which is designed for athletes and not just for ?increasing their intake of protein?.
Bodybuilders and athletes require faster digesting whey protein fractions as well as a balance of ingredients to support rapid digestion, gastrointestinal health and
recovery from intense training. Hydro Pro WPI achieves this by combining the following ingredients.

? Pre-digested whey protein isolate which has undergone enzyme hydrolysis to break longer chain proteins into smaller peptide fractions which results in rapid amino acid bioavailability and cellular delivery (1, 2).
? High quality whey protein isolate.
? Bovine colostrum to support gastrointestinal immunity, recovery from intense anaerobic exercise and to strengthen mucosal immunity (3-5).
? Very low levels of lactose, sugar and dietary fats to enhance gastric emptying and reduce gastrointestinal distress.
? High levels of leucine (3.6g per serve) to maximise MPS by initiating the phosphorylation of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR), which put simply is like a button (ignition) to kick start the muscle building process (engine) (6, 7).

Research using these fast digesting forms of whey proteins have repeatedly indicated that blood amino acid levels spike much earlier than intact, whole whey proteins, MPS is achieved quicker and the leucine content found in good quality whey proteins stimulates MPS to a maximum threshold with minimal amounts of whey protein. Therefore, only one serve of Hydro Pro WPI would meet the maximum threshold for MPS (maximum eect of muscle building possible in one sitting) for most athletes and many bodybuilders.

In summary, the addition of Hydro Pro WPI has provided the market with an efective, clean, high quality whey protein that is designed to support the athlete who wants a pure protein source without added carbohydrates or other compounds.