GAT Flexx EAAs

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GAT Flex EAAs 

Use the power of all 9 essential amino acids in GAT Flex EAAs to support muscle protection, enhance vitality, increase stamina, and promote recovery! This advanced formula has been designed for hard-training athletes to help improve their fitness and performance. The amino acid profile of GAT Flex EAAs highlights 7g of EAAs, with 5g in the favoured 2:1:1 proportion. Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein in the body plus they digest food, repair muscle tissues, support muscle development and perform many other vital body functions.

  • Speeds up muscle protein synthesis.
  • Adaptogen driven vitality support.
  • Improves recovery.
  • Supports hydration.
  • Cortisol regulation.

This supplement has an electrolyte complex for extra hydration plus it does not contain added sugar. Coconut Water Powder has been added to this formula to provide a solid equalization of key electrolytes and to support liquid balance as well as hydration. Another important key ingredient in GAT Flex EAAs is the adaptogenic spice Sensoril? Ashwagandha. It boosts energy levels, manages and reduces stress, improves sleep, supports joint health and offers many other health benefits. Boost up your muscle recovery process and increase your stamina with the help of the astonishing ingredients in GAT Flex EAAs!