Evogen EVP AQ Liquid Glycerol

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EVP AQ (Liquid Glycerol)

Elevate your performance with the epitome of sports nutrition sophistication – EVP AQ Liquid Glycerol by Evogen Nutrition. In a world filled with conformity, Evogen remains the torchbearer of innovation, serving athletes since its inception in 2008, under the visionary leadership of Hany "The Pro Creator" Rambod. EVP AQ Liquid Glycerol has been designed and demonstrated to push your limits during your session by providing you with the very best:

Muscle fullness.
Skin splitting pumps.
Muscle vascularity.

Powdered glycerol products, though popular, come with their limitations, primarily stemming from silica infusion. This compromise leads to an inadequate glycerol content per serving, potentially resulting in a disconcerting chalkiness and gastrointestinal discomfort. True hyperhydration necessitates over ten times the glycerol concentration offered in standard powdered glycerol products. EVP AQ Liquid Glycerol is a paragon of excellence. This formula boasts the clinical evidence-backed benefits of pure liquid glycerol, offering unparalleled hyperhydration effects. In a world dominated by conformity, Evogen Nutrition stands alone, adhering to a higher standard of product integrity. Experience the difference – because you deserve nothing less