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EVP-3D caters to those seeking mental clarity while avoiding caffeine and stimulants. It's perfect for late-night training sessions, ensuring adequate rest for muscle recovery and growth. It's also a welcome solution for those who rely heavily on stimulants and need a reset to their systems.

TO ACHIEVE 3D, YOU NEED EXTRAORDINARY INGREDIENTS ARGININE NITRATE (AS NO3-T®) – A patented form of arginine, highly regarded and industry-standard, NO3-T® delivers potent nitric oxide-inducing components that require minimal conversion, resulting in rapid nitric oxide release. Evogen employs a substantial dose to unleash extreme vasodilation and unparalleled pumps.

CITRULLINE – Opting for pure citrulline over citrulline malate, Evogen prioritizes superior outcomes. This choice underscores the dedication to quality. Pure citrulline not only boosts nitric oxide levels, but also aids in the elimination of exercise-generated toxins and waste products like ammonia, leaving you feeling refreshed post-workout.

LION'S MANE EXTRACT (HERICIUM ERINACEUS) – Cutting-edge ingredients like Lion's Mane Extract have earned their place in advanced formulations. This extract contributes to increased focus and improved blood oxygenation, setting it apart from classic nootropics.

L-TYROSINE - A potent nootropic, L-Tyrosine complements other cognitive enhancers, supporting focused cognitive tasks. Clinical research suggests its ability to perform well under stressful conditions. This amino acid is a valuable addition to the EVP-3D formula.

DIMETHYLAMINOETHANOL (DMAE) - DMAE plays a role in forming acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter vital for nerve cell communication. Its positive effects on focus and attention span have been substantiated by research.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. A FORMULA FOR REMARKABLE PHYSIQUE RESULTS CRAFTED BY A CHAMPION COACH Fortunate for you, Hany Rambod has answered the call of Evogen Nutrition's dedicated customers, introducing his Pro Creator quality tool to ignite an EXTREME training mindset, propelling you to embrace the #GET3D journey. Team Evogen has already embraced the demands of extreme training and supplementation, as evident in the exceptional quality of our athletes and their physiques. To join the ranks of the elite, the next step lies in your hands – it's time to seize the opportunity and #GET3D!