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BSN Syntha 6 Cold Stone Creamery Overview:

What Is It? This is a collaboration between BSN & the world-renowned ice cream brand, Cold Stone Creamery.

How Do I Use It? Take 1 serving post workout and first thing in the morning with water.

How Much Does It Cost? This protein powder starts at $49.95 for 25 servings. BSN have always been market leaders in protein powder flavours and are quite possibly what they are most known for. However, this collaboration takes things to the next level.

They have teamed up with the leaders in ice cream flavouring in the world, Cold Stone Creamery to bring an all-new flavouring system to their original Syntha 6 product. Syntha 6 is known for its delicious taste, but the Cold Stone Creamery version is out of this world.

What Benefits Can I Expect From This Product? Increased protein intake, improved muscle recovery, increased satiety (feeling full), and an amazing, unrivalled flavouring system. BSN Syntha 6 Cold Stone Creamery is a blend of 6 different styles of protein, all delivering different speeds & rates of digestion. The benefit of this is a sustained release of amino acids is delivered into the bloodstream to help fuel and recovery muscle tissue.

Each serving of this protein powder delivers: 200 calories, 22g of protein, 6g of fat, 15g of carbohydrate. As you can see, this is a moderate calorie protein shake. Not as much as a mass gainer, but more than a typical lean protein shake.

This type of protein powder is ideally suited to individuals who may be looking to increase mass slightly or someone who can fit this in their diet and is looking for an amazing tasting protein shake. BSN Syntha 6 Cold Stone Creamery is truly unique and offers a flavour experience like no other.