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BSN Glutamine DNA contains 5 grams of pure L-glutamine per serve, with no added fillers, flavours or sweeteners. Glutamine supports the natural replenishment of glycogen, boosts gut, brain and muscle health and promotes natural muscle recovery from exercise.

Key Benefits

  • Recovery and Muscle Protein Development.
  • Abundant Amino Acid in the Body.
  • Neutral Taste, Perfect for Stacking.
  • Enhance Glycogen Replenishment.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino in the body where almost 60% is contained in muscle tissue. This amino acid plays a crucial role in muscle development be necessary for protein synthesis and muscle growth. Glutamine is often referred to as the "anti-catabolic" nutrient, as it plays an important role in muscle recovery and in preventing muscle breakdown.

During periods of intense exercise L-Glutamine levels can become significantly depleted . This will limit protein synthesis, which works against the process of muscle growth.

Supplementation with BSN Glutamine powder is ideal for the hard trainer, to potentiate both recovery and lean muscle gains.


How to Use BSN Glutamine DNA

Mix one scoop (5.15g) with 250ml of water or liquid of your choice. It may be added to pre-workout, like BSN's Hyper Shred, post-workout protein shake or your favorite beverage. Glutamine DNA is unflavoured.

Each Scoop of Glutamine DNA provides 5 grams of micronized L-Glutamine.