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A global leader in sports nutrition supplementation, BSN has carefully crafted Amino X EAA?S ? a formula containing all the essential amino acids plus branched-chain amino acids in one. This amino supplement delivers 10 grams of essential amino acids and 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids per scoop: support muscle and your performance to smash it out every time you hit the gym.

The importance of amino acids in the body is simple; they are the building blocks of protein that play many critical roles in the body. Essential aminos are just that essential in our body, and our bodies can not make essential amino acids, meaning you need to get that from your diet or a supplement.

Other important functions of essential aminos acids in the body include tissue repair and nutrient absorption. Amino X EAA?S by BSN contains everything you need to perform to your best and assist recovery to keep going. With only ten calories per scoop, you?ll stay on track with your macros and nutrition.

Amino X EAA?S is the perfect fuel for your workouts. Delivering all your essential amino acids, you need one scoop with 300ml of water before, during or after your workout. Give your muscles more of what they truly need with this BSN amino formula. Whether it?s to support muscle, performance or your body, Amino X EAA?S deliver everything required to help you smash through the most challenging workouts.

What are the benefits of Amino X EAA?S by BSN?

  • Support muscle recovery
  • Improve exercise performance and recovery
  • 10g of EAAs per scoop
  • Contains 5g of BCAA ? 2:1:1 Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine
  • Caffeine-free and zero sugar
  • Support muscle building
  • May reduce fatigue after exercise
  • Open-label so you know what?s in each scoop ? no hidden fillers