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RTD Muscle Protein Shake

When you want a great-tasting, quick and easy protein hit on the go, grab a Muscle Protein Shake. With 30g of high-quality protein and a delicious milkshake taste, it’s the ideal post-workout shake to increase lean muscle and repair muscle tissue after exercise or to satisfy your hunger on the run.

Choose from 3 flavours: Double Rich Chocolate, Banana Smoothie and Double Shot Espresso

Great texture, delicious flavour and high-quality ingredients all packed into a handy protein shake that’s ready whenever you are. Drink chilled and straight from the bottle, it’s the perfect way to refuel your muscles post-workout or keep you going any time of day.


Packed with 30g of protein per serve and under 200 calories, the Muscle Protein Shake uses high-quality fast and slow-release whey protein and caseinate to deliver a steady supply of amino acids and nutrients to muscles for optimal recovery.


This great-tasting way to reach your daily protein targets and support your active lifestyle, it’s a simple, nutritious, high quality protein snack you can grab and take on the run. Protein provides energy, supports muscle growth, helps you feel fuller for longer and can even help you burn fat.


Whether you’re on the run, want an easy to drink protein shake at home or you need a pick me up any time of day, the Muscle Protein Shake is the perfect addition to any diet routine looking for lean muscle recovery, performance enhancement, or to support fat loss.


Available in a range of milkshake-like flavours, Body Science Muscle Protein Shake makes fuelling your body the right way easy and satisfying. It’s a great source of high quality protein, providing 30g per serve. PLUS it’s gluten free, soy free and GMO free.