Blackmores Stress & Sleep Formula

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Blackmores Stress + Sleep Vitamin B Tablets

Blackmores ?Stress & Sleep' is a dual action formula for day and night. The day tablet (Mega B) targets stress and is specifically formulated with a combination of B vitamins to maintain energy levels and assist healthy red blood cell production. The night tablet (Valerian Forte) contains a high-potency valerian extract, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to improve sleep quality and promote deep sleep.

In a convenient pack, Blackmores ?Stress & Sleep' helps to support energy levels throughout the day and to relax the mind before bed, supporting your overall health and wellbeing.

The Stress/Day tablet:

         Maintains energy levels

         Supports cognitive function

The Sleep/Night tablet:

         Reduces sleepnessless and restless sleep

         Supports refreshing sleep and helps the mind to relax

  • - Provides dual action for stress and sleep support
  • - Convenient for everyday use, morning and night
  • - Day tablet is specifically formulated with B vitamins for energy levels
  • - Night tablet contains a valerian extract that relieves nervous tension and is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to induce sleep
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