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Biolife protein is a high quality Vegan Protein that is perfect for those looking for a 100% Natural Protein to help with muscle recovery and growth. Bioflex in an Australian brand and adheres to our incredibly high standard with the protein being sources from Europe. Biolife contains 100% Natural Flavours and colours and sports only 5 ingredients on it's label. 

Organic Yellow Pre Protein | Organic Brown Rice Protein 

This unique blend of two types of protein maximises the amino acid profile of the product. This means that it is as close as you will get to the perfect amino acid profile of whey protein (which is ideal for muscle recovery).

Natural Flavouring

Depending on the flavour you select this will be either Natural Vanillin Extract (for Vanilla Flavour) or Cocoa (for the chocolate flavour)

Xanthan Gum

This is a natural plant extract that helps to give the the protein a nice thick texture and smoothness when you drink it. This helps to combat the natural "chalkiness" of the Rice Protein.


This is a natural plant extract which is a zero calorie sweetener. This is the healthiest alternative to sugar or other dangerous artificial sweetners. 

What are the benefits of Biolife Protein? 

  • Great Muscle Recovery

  • 100% Natural and Vegan

  • Organic Protein Source

  • Only 5 Ingredients! 

  • Easy to digest 

  • Zero Cholesterol, Zero Saturated Fat