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Tribulus 1500 may have a funny-sounding name, but this powerful herbal supplement is no joke. Tribulus terrestris is not a new supplement; its herbal form has been used for centuries to promote male virility and vitality. You may have heard it referred to by its more common names:Puncturevine, Goat-head, Cat's head or Devil's weed.Studies have shown that Tribulus can significantly increase testosterone levels during training -higher ?Test? levels correlate directly to increased anabolism and greater strength,making Tribulus 1500 by APS Nutrition an essential component of any muscle-building supplement routine.


Tribulus terrestris is an herbal supplement that has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to promote male sexual and cardiovascular health. Tribulus 1500 by APS Nutrition is comprised of extracts from the Tribulus terrestris herb (derived from the leaves and stems) traditionally found in the warm climates of Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. APS used the unique Bulgarian Tribulus extract in formulating their Tribulus 1500 - this potent Bulgarian Tribulus extract contains unprecedented amounts of Protodioscin, the active compound in Tribulus terrestris. While the majority of competitor Tribulus products contain little to no Protodioscin, APS Nutrition?s Tribulus 1500 contains Proxtodioscin and Fruastanol Saponins. While most commercial tribulus products contain 0.5 ? 2 mg per tablet/capsule of Protodioscin and Furastanol Saponins, APS Nutrition's Tribulus 1500 boasts 1500mg, hence its name. This makes Tribulus 1500 an astonishing 6,000% stronger than most regular brands! Start crushing your fitness goals today with APS Nutrition Tribulus 1500, the premiere Tribulus supplement available in our warehouse.


  • boosts muscle size and strength
  • supports natural hormone production
  • increased libido and stamina
  • raises testosterone levels


APS Nutrition recommends taking 2 capsules once or twice daily on an empty stomach. Take each dosage 8-12 hours apart. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.