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Humapro by ALR Industries

ALR Industries HumaPro? is the OG of amino acid formulas. Containing 5g of essential amino acids per serve, ALR Industries HumaPro? is an extremely bioavailable and easily utilized form of protein. With only 0.02 calories per serving, ALR Industries HumaPro? is a delicious and convenient way to ensure your muscles have a supply of protein in that peri-workout window.  

  • Available in delicious flavours.
  • Comprehensive spectrum of amino acids.
  • Highly bioavailable.
  • Incredibly low calorie.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is the base material for muscle. Whilst there are 20 amino acids, only 9 of them are considered essential in our diet. Essential Amino Acid formulas like ALR Industries HumaPro? provide highly bioavailable and rapidly usable materials for muscles to initiate protein synthesis and muscle growth. ALR Industries HumaPro? is a great addition to an intra or post-workout shake as the amino acids in HumaPro? don?t need to be digested and can be taken up in the GI tract and delivered straight to the tissues that need it most. This can help support better recovery, more muscle mass and better performance.


  • Mix 1 scoop with 235ml - 295ml of chilled water, 20 minutes prior to exercise, and immediately after.
  • Drink 1-2 servings, 3-6 times per day, depending on exercise and dietary requirements.