13 Lives #PCTME - N-PCT

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 - Increase muscle hypertrophy
 - Increase fat cells
 - Inhibit aromatase
 - Stacks well with YKAY, OSTACLEAN and RADICAL

The active agent increases skeletal muscle hypertrophy without androgen receptor interaction by increasing the activity of an upstream stimulator of protein synthesis, AKT.

Increases fat cell browning and decreases negative impact on the prostate. Whilst being an anabolic agent, it also helps with inhibition of aromatase enzyme activity and is hepatoprotective making it a perfect PCT agent.

Best taken upon waking/and or before bed, depending on dose. Stacks well with YKAY, OSTACLEAN and RADICAL.

For all you self proclaimed scientists: proprietary blend. ursolic acid (3β-hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid) ..12mg magnesium .. 3mg