13 Lives #Ostaclean N-MK-2866

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 - Enhance protein synthesis
 - Plant based anabolic agents
 - Used for both cutting and bulking
 - Stacks well with EL-GD, RADICAL and YKAY

This Smilax Sieboldii compound, a close relative to asparagus, is designed to enhance protein synthesis for skeletal muscle hypertrophy.

The blend contains plant based anabolic agents called brassinosteroids, which structurally are similar to animal steroid hormones and exhibit similar anabolic effects without binding to the androgen receptors.

Its major benefit is the non affinity to androgen receptors which eliminates the side effects usually associated with exogenous use of synthetic anabolic androgen steroids. Best taken upon waking or prior to post-exercise meal. Stacks well with EL-GD, RADICAL and YKAY.

For all you self-proclaimed scientists: proprietary blend. 5α-hydroxylaxogenin (tetramethylicosahydrospiro[naptho[2,1:4,5]indeno[2,1- b]furan-10,2-pyran]-2(11aH)-one) .. 15mg