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Precision Nutrition Taurine

So what exactly is Taurine? The amino acid taurine is found throughout your body, inside cells, and particularly in cells where there?s lots of ?electrical? activity, like your nerves and heart cells. It is naturally occurring, but supplementing additionally with Precision Nutrition?s pharmaceutical grade, 100% pure Taurine product means those excited cells will get even more healthy and excitable.

Taurine?s has a natural affinity to ?protect? cells; more taurine = better cell health and longevity. For athletes and day-to-day trainers, that means the physical stress you?re putting on the cells that make up your working muscles are better off, healthier, and likely to live longer, but also, it means there?s a positive impact on every bodily system e.g. stronger arteries and veins = improved blood flow. Taurine is a fantastic all-rounder for health, but the most important known benefits of supplementing with Precision Nutrition Taurine are as follows:

  • Enhanced cardiovascular function
  • Enhanced vasodilation
  • Decreased likelihood of muscle cramping
  • Up-regulation of energy production
  • Improving insulin sensitivity

Our precise tip: Mix up to 2g of unflavoured Precision Nutrition Taurine with your Precision Nutrition PRE for a cascade of during and post workout benefits!