ATP Science Infrared + Prototype 8

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ATP Science Prototype 8


The application of Prototype 8 improves the appearance of a muscular physique.  Prototype 8 can be used before, during and after training. Professional bodybuilders and models use Prototype 8 to improve their appearance for competition and photo shoots.

Massage directly into target muscles before or after training or the following day. For best results use Prototype 8 on muscles after warming up the muscle and just before the final sets. You final set should be tailored to maximise muscle pump and blood flow to get the best results from Protoype 8.

Always trial with skin patch first. If irritation occurs discontinue use.


ATP Science Infrared

InfraRed NRG is used as a stimulant free pre-workout and intra-workout fuel or post-workout reload. Infrared contains high quality synergistic amino acids and electrolytes combined with Schisandra berries in a beetroot extract base. Infrared NRG contains approximately 25g of carbohydrate per serve to fuel activity.

Directions for use:

  • As a pre-workout: One serve in water before training or competing.
  • As an intra-workout: One or more serves diluted in water to be consumed during training or an event.
  • As a post-workout for electrolyte and carb replenishment: Mix one or two serves in water and consume within 20 minutes after training or competing.
  • Post-weigh in for fighters: add one scoop per 2 cups of water and consume.
  • Pre-WOD: One serve added to water and consumed at least ½ hour before WOD.
  • CrossFit events: One serve in water consumed half hour before heat. Use half serve before and after each consecutive heat throughout the day.