ATP Science 4 Pillars - GutRight, Multi Food, Resilience, Aurum Oil

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This stack from ATP Science includes the four products from their "Pillars of Health" range:

Aurum Oil 75mls  - fatty acids and essential oils required in our diets to ensure proper functional and structural bodily health.

Multifood 60 caps - plant-based, natural and standardized essential vitamins for conversion pathways to be able to function.

Resilience 90 caps – turmeric extract with curcuminoids for conversion pathway support. Helps with systemic inflammation and antioxidant support. Modulates priorities away from inflammation.

Gutright  150g – polyphenols and rosemary extract with Carnosoic acid to work synergistically with essential fatty acids. Helps with gut-derived inflammation. Modulates gut flora regulation of fatty acid conversion pathways. Modulates priorities away from inflammation.