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This product regulates tons of hormonal processes: it keeps your hormonal signals healthy, telling your body to repair itself after exercise, combatting stress, and helping you to turn your nutrients into muscle and strength.

The main ingredient in this product is Turkesterone (hence the name) ? or ecdysterol. By controlling your hormones, this product controls your results and drives healthy, pro-growth processes.

Turkesterone is a plant-derived sterol that has powerful effects in plants and arthropods. It regulates stress- and growth systems in the body, which put you in direct contact with results that we?re all chasing: strength gains, better muscle mass, better joint recovery (and lower injury risk), and even lowering your stress levels.

So, you?re going to feel, perform, and progress better. 

Uses a 10% Turkesterone concentration, offering a competitive dose in the most important compound. Besides that, it comes with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects from the main herb (Ajuga Turkestanica) ? along with better fat and carb metabolism to get the most from your food.

By directly regulating these systems, a Turkesterone supplement promotes muscle protein turnover ? the process of replacing protein in muscles and building new mass. That means more strength and muscle, better response to the muscle damage of workouts, and helping you progress ? whatever your goals.

Key Features

  • Appears to be anabolic and promote muscle growth
  • Assists with lipid and carbohydrate metabolism which can aid fat loss
  • Human studies suggest it has some promising potential for athletes
  • Naturally derived from plants or insects
  • Can help increase strength and muscle protein synthesis